Wednesday, 4 February 2015

And i'm back in the room. . .

Thanks to good old Indy for the title. . .

Well its been a while, how've you been? good I hope.

I havent been blogging since ooh, Ions ago, and am trying to remember how it goes.

last time it was 2012 (blimey really, doesnt time fly?) and was all about London Marathon training - my first marathon.
Seeing as how theres been another 7 since then i thought i might fill in some gaps first.....

I just looked at my old blog. . . . .hmmm. . . .think i may have had a deal on exclamation marks, there are an awful lot of them. And a lot of gushing enthusiasm and panicking in turn. Oh, and obsessions with training plans. It all seems very much like a case of 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. .'  Have to have words with myself before writing too much more, just in case i have a fatal bout of excessive punctuation!!!?

if you'd like to have a laugh please feel free to have a look here
Try not to be too harsh on the poor dear though, she was clearly struggling with the thought of running her first marathon, and writing her first blog. 

Right, well. best get started. no time like the present etc etc
This new blog is going to be quite a bit about running (well a lot about running to be fair) and a bit about my dog (who runs with me so might be more than a bit), and some about family, food, books, and life in general (life the universe and everything to quote a favourite author).
Why start up at all? I hear you ask. . . well not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but oh well if you insist, i have managed to get a place in the Mont Blanc Cross (which I tell people is 'only' a half) and thought it may be fun, nay amusing, or at the very least helpful to some people to document my progress. However true to form I managed to think about it too long and its taken me 6 months to start.

One of my issues in life is that I tend to either: A. Dont think long enough, but in fear of procrastinating make decisions too quickly. or B. quite the opposite in that i think far too much, and end up not being able to decide what to do, or even if its worth doing at all, and not doing anything.

Soooo. now i've jumped in with both feet without thinking a lot, the next thing to do is go away and think about how to fill in the gaps without boring everyone to death, after all almost three years is a lot to catch up on. I'll try not to think too much however or i may not make it back for a while. . . . .

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